Soldier X



SOLDIERX (previously aka One-Winged Angel) has been single-handedly making his mark on the dance music and club scene since 2006. An Oklahoma native, he got his start in Oklahoma City's underground playing House & Breakbeats in the smaller venues that dot the city, as well as house parties and warehouse parties. With time and experience, his style evolved into what it is today: dark Drum & Bass, Dubstep, & Bass Music in general, with heavy influences from Zardonic, Phace, AK1200, & A.M.C. He has played at music festivals & events all across the states of Oklahoma & Texas. Now located in Miami, the list also includes South Florida.

Regardless of the venue - whether a festival stage or a poorly lit warehouse basement, the energy he brings with every set always results in a buzzing and hyped-up crowd; whether they come for the music, or to find out exactly how a guy with one arm can DJ, no one leaves disappointed.