(San Antonio, Texas, USA)

Senor Elesdee started attending the electronic music scene in the year 2000 while raving the nights away from huge headliner shows to never ending after parties. From raving and becoming a huge hit at parties with glow sticks and breakdancing moves, he then became curious towards the one being on stage behind the dj booth. Buying a 2 channel mixer and plugging in portable CD players one for each channel he mixed music for hours although it wasn’t beat matched he was highly determined to get somewhere. 7 years later he then got serious and started buying vinyl and turntables etc and has about 12-13 years of mixing electronic music under his belt from Trance, Hard House, Breakbeat, and his most passionate genre Drum n Bass. Elesdee is a crowd mover and will continue to do all he can to spread the great vibes of dance music.